Sight Seeing & Neuschwanstein

Well have I been up to some adventurous things!

I have been using the bike quite a bit to get around and the other day on my way home I was in the main Street of the village when I awkwardly fell off my bike!! I can look back now and laugh but at the time my reputation was hurt – along with my grazed/bruised knees and elbow! How embarrassing – an Aussie who falls off bikes and burns ANZAC cookies – making quite an impression thats for sure! Ha.

I have had the amazing privilege of going horse riding with Peters sisters and wow what a great experience! I don’t think many people can say they have got to go riding on a South German Cold blood horse through the Bavarian woods to the top of Mt Wagonsonreigle! Three hours horse riding with a few hundred meters of galloping here and there makes you realise how many muscles your body has that just don’t get used, another words is I’m sore – everywhere! But it’s 100% worth it!

And apart from going on little hiking trails here and there, finding random flyingfoxes over dams (and nearly falling in the water!), bike-riding through the woods by the river, cooking some not-so-australian meals (although I did make the good ole vegemite and cheese scroll – didn’t even burn them #winning) playing Settlers of Catan, slowly teaching the children English (the can say ‘oh-no’ ‘shortcut’ ‘spider’ ‘help me’ ‘sit’) and eating way too much yummy food especially at Bavarian BBQs and going to different festivals – I haven’t been up to much at all. Pfft! The action doesn’t stop there.

This week we journeyed down to Neuschwanstein Castle and stayed overnight in Fussen! On the way there we made a few stops. First, the Munich Olympic Tower where there is a 190m high viewpoint that overlooks the entire city and even shows the Alps in the distance! Great view, the children and I even raced around the top as though we in the Olympics ourselves. They won of course 😉

Next stop was the Partnachlamm gorge out of the town Garmisch-Partenkirchen (try and pronounce these names!!! phew – it’s a struggle!). For about 700 meters you walk along a gorge of bright blue shimmering water, through narrow cave-like tunnels, and over hanging bridges. It’s absolutely stunning! I would definitely recommend this place as part of a day trip!

Final stop, Fussen – only minutes away from the majestic Neuschwanstein Castle!

Did you know:

  • Neuschwanstein castle was never completed because King Ludwig II died before he could finish it and nobody went ahead with it. He was going to continue builing a tower and chapel and a patio out the front of the castle. King Ludwig was an interesting character by the sounds of it. He enjoyed his own company especially in his Concert Hall with 90 candles lit – didn’t want anybody else there, just him. He said people didn’t understand him, and if your king why wouldn’t you just make some marvellous rooms with incredible architect and amazing wall painting just for yourself! Too bad he got so in debt that the government had him certified insane and interned him in Berg Palace…
  • He also never wanted any of the public to enter his castle but only 6 weeks after his death it was opened for the outsiders which was in 1886.
  • Neuschwanstein translates to “New Swan Castle”, named after the kings’ death. The king was pretty obsessed with swans – they were in most patterned throughout the castle – on the curtains, woodwork, paintings, he even had swan sculptures.

I love castles with fascinating stories! This one is worth a visit for sure – and it’s in the perfect location! Upon a mountain overlooking valleys and lakes with Alps spread across the horizon – Arh! Every window in the castle has an incredible view, I would take my swag and sleep there if I could!

I met an American guy on the lookout bridge who started talking to me in German to which I could only raise my eyebrows and ask if he knew English – YES! Thank goodness. He asked where I was from and when I told him Australia he responded excitedly saying “An Australian? I’ve never met an Australian before” as though I were some exotic animal. Then he started talking about spiders – and that was the end of that friendship. Haha joking, he was kind enough to take a photo of me then I ran (literally) to the castle so I didn’t miss my tour! I get very excited when people can speak English but! You can actually have conversations and get to know people, however, there are few that do speak it.

As I write this I am watching The Sound of Music with my host family. Would you believe that people here haven’t heard of this classic film? I was so shocked that I brought them the film – time to educate them! 🙂 I’m getting very excited about visiting Schladming now!!!

So there is my European update for you, watch this space for more! 🙂


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