Morning fog

There are many interesting and beautiful things to see around the area. So far I have been to Weissenstein Castle in the Bavarian region (I can actually see it from my window – it’s awesome!!). Its made on top of white stone which stretches to something like 140 km long, and is about 40m wide but only peaks above the ground in 3 places – one of those being where the castle is built. The Castle has a beautiful view on top, ther eis nothing inside but’s nice to walk through and on top of. There is also a museum there and a ‘glassy wood forest’ where there are trees made out of glass. In Bavaria, there is a famous ‘Crystal Road’ and where this castle is is one of the many places to see that has a glass display, an art special to Bavaria. (Oh and Bavaria is a state in Germany for all those wondering – it has its own language dialect which is a bit different to German… so I won’t come back speaking German but Bavarian 😉 ) I have yet to taste some Bavarian traditional food! I attempted making ANZAC biscuits with the little one which worked out well.. until we got so distracted cleaning up that we forgot to take them out of the oven!!! I smelt burnt cookies and with an “uh oh!” I ran to the oven and opened it only to get a faceful of black smoke! The little one started cracking up laughing, he thought it was the funniest thing, meanwhile i’m crying on the inside! These Anzac cookies were an epic fail – great first impression Jess! haha

Morning fog

Morning fog
Castle ruins
Morning fog
Glassy woods

I have also been down to the village to explore. I successfully achieved buying a few things from the shops however as soon as the Germans start saying something other that ‘Hallo’, ‘Danke’ or ‘Bitte’ then I have to tell them I don’t speak German. Most of them know a tiny bit of English which is helpful enough for me.

The more I speak English around non-English speaking people the more I realise how weird English is and how weird the words that we use are. I’ve never questioned my own language so much!!! My German family are keen on improving their English so they take note of my words and sentences and I help/correct them with theirs but then trying to explain why we say things the way we do is sometimes impossible. Even for simple words like put, sharpener, take, bring. It’s quite funny. They’re doing a great job picking up on new slang words – like hangry (hungry/angry)…. a good word to use when the littles ones need food 😉 I’m also learning more words, specifically the ones repeated a lot by the children – such as shalmoy (look here), woas (what?) Jess, was das do?? (Jess, what are you doin?) Warum (why). And my favourite – und dann (and then) the children repeat it a lot and it reminds me of this scene in the movie ‘Dude where my car’ A word they have all been taught to say in school is clothes but they all pronounce it “clotheses”, it’s quite funny, no idea where the teachers got that from but now thanks to me they are learning that it’s just clothes…. no need for the extra ‘es’ 😉

Morning fog


I rode my bike down along the river and through the woods – it’s soooo beautiful!!! While I was sitting on a fallen log by a flowing river, surrounded by trees and singing birds I opened my bible and there was a verse that really stood out to me. From James 1:18 “And we, out of all creation became his prized possession”. How cool is that?!? You look at creation and see how incredibly complex it is, beautifully handcrafted by God. You see how it all brings so much joy. You see how the creatures are all unique, they look different, sound different and act different – how creative is God! But then out of all of this, WE are his prized possessions, highly valued. We who are sinners, always falling short of God’s glory, we who fail, we who at times hardly acknowledge God let alone praise him.  He loves us so much and chooses us over everything he created. He so desires us – it blows my mind. So as I was sitting in creation pondering on all of this I got a refreshed revelation of Gods great love for us. It’s sweeter than the wildflowers, stronger than the waters current, wider than the blue sky and higher than the mountains. It’s indescribable! We didn’t do anything to deserve this love. He loves because he is God and God is love.



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