Morning fog

A city with many sights to see that’s for sure! I loved exploring the Edinburgh Castle! I don’t know what it is about castles that I love – maybe the excitement of the adventures that go with them…  wars, armour, romance, dungeons, years of hard work, thousands of men working towards something for the better of the country. It’s all fascinating and beautiful!

The Cathedral was a beautiful place too. Such a sense of peace and stillness inside – out of the big rush in the streets. I love that you can go in and sit down and just take in the marvellous structure of the building, the stained glass windows and just chill out with God. Not that you have to go to a cathedral to do that, I think I find it easier to hang out with God when I’m in nature to be honest, but It’s nice to be with him there too. I kind of wish God was made more obvious in the place, all around the interior are plaques saying in “in memory of…” and images of them, but what about in memory of all the things Jesus did as a reminder of all things he can and will do for us now? Jesus is just as alive now as he was 2000 years ago but if we are reminded of the miracles he did then I feel like we would all have more faith and hope in what he is able to do now. He loves us and wants to do great things for us if we will only believe and trust in him. He said “I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) What a statement! If only we were all reminded of this in these beautiful Cathedrals. The world needs to know that there is a Heavenly Father who absolutely adores them!

Morning fog

I stopped at one of the market stalls on Royal Mile St and started talking to the saleslady. She asked where I was from and I told her Australia to which she questioned, explaining that she loves Australian accents and can usually pick up on them. I asked what her what accent she thought I had and she said German! It hasn’t even been a week with my German family and it seems I have an accent already!!! What?! Haha I’ll come back to Australia with a Scottish, German, Aussie accent – just wait!

The children I’m nannying for are cuties. I get super excited when they say English words! It’s so hard when they engage with you, having a conversation and then just wait expectantly, wide-eyed, waiting for a response when you don’t even understand a word they said. It could have been something hilarious and exciting or it could have been something terrible – who knows! Haha I can only smile, nod and offer some English words that I hope they will come to understand. They have definitely warmed up to me but, lots of tickles, giggles, hide-and-seek AND they even let me put their socks on!!! ANDDDD tonight I even got goodnight kisses! This nanny has gained some trust! Morning fogIMG_2116.jpgMorning fog


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