Nanny goes to Scotland

Not even a week in Germany and I up and out of the country to explore and discover a new one with my German family. We flew across miles of green and yellow luscious fields until we stumbled across many old medieval buildings – also known as Edinburgh. It was here that we landed to take in the wonder and sights of this amazing city.

As we wonder through the streets we receive many smiles, stares, compliments and comments on the trolly the children are in, and I can’t help but smile as well – they’re so cute in there! It is such a great way to travel with children, I can’t imagine how to keep them contained in such busy streets otherwise! If only there were room for me too! haha

It astounds me how many castles are in one city – actually 11 to be exact! And then there is about a billion statues and towers and sculptures! Just about everywhere you look there is another structure with another story to be told. I have just recently learnt about Bobby the dog – a Skye Terrier which are known for being good watchdogs and loyal to their family. Bobby belonged to a policeman who died so he had supposedly spent the rest of his 14 years sitting at his master’s grave, then when he dies he was buried next to his master. Bobby now has a statue made after him now as his story was so well-liked by Lady Burdett Courtts – fun facts!

There are many interesting places to see here, so far we have been to the National museum which is quite spectacular! We have been to Dynamic Earth which takes you back to the “begining of time” and you get to walk through different nature environments including volcanos and a room with icebergs! We went to Camera obscure – a world full of illusions, a very fun place indeed. My favourite was being in the camera obscure room where we got a live tour of the outside world by being inside a dark room that has a pinhole in the roof to portray the image seen outside. Science – it’s amazing! There were all sorts of wonderful crazy illusions. We have been to some great places and there’s still so much to see and do around the area. But there is nothing that feels more typical for Scotland than when the streets are filled with the sound of live bagpipes as you are walking in the ice-cold drizzling rain and taking in the wonders of the city.



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