My New Temporary Home

IMG_1326.jpgI made it to Germany! The flight was long and I now know what it feels like to be jet lagged. I just woke up from an hours nap (and that does not happen for me, ask my friends! my naps are 10 minutes max!) but I feel like I could sleep for another day or two!

I met my lovely German hostess at the airport and she drove me through the beautiful, green Lucious countryside to the house. It is such a nice house and the family have made me feel very at home! I am loving the variety of cheese and bread that they have during meals! I tried my first Pretzel today – and not the small biscuit sort but an actual bread one! It’s so good, I think I will make the most of bakery’s while I am here.

The two children I’ll be a nanny for are gorgeous but have been really shy since my arrival! It doesn’t help that they can’t understand what I’m saying either! But we will get there I’m sure, they will be saying G’day mate in no time! They warmed up to me more this afternoon while we were playing in the yard with trucks and on the swings. I’m using a lot of repetition to try and teach them English words. The language barrier I feel is going to be a fun challenge for me. Not many people in the town speak fluent English so there will be a lot of sign language and guessing on my behalf, and theirs I’d imagine. My German vocabulary is slowly increasing as I pick up a few words here and there.

Even though it is coming into summer here is it still quite cold! 15 degrees through the day and 6 at night! And as I look out my window I see what looks to be snow blowing around – but it’s actually little dandelion pieces – it’s so beautiful! I will just imagine it’s snow anyway! 😀

We went to visit some relatives that live down the road and they let me borrow their bike! Look out Germany there is a Jess on the loose! I have already been for a little ride down to the village and through some small streets that lead to open fields that are covered in yellow wildflowers!


2 thoughts on “My New Temporary Home

  1. wow. The country side looks amazing and Green. 😀😀😀It won’t take the children long and they will love you. Like we do. ❤️❤️


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